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Our first class will consist of making two tasty, quick, authentic recipes – all using store-bought tortillas! This include several varieties of quesadillas, taquitos. The class should last approximately an hour and a half to two hours. As a bonus, we will also be making guacamole and substitute Mexican crema.


Corn or flour tortillas, cheese, cheese & ham, cheese and mushroom. A quick snack or dinner! We will be making several variations. The first is ham and cheese (or just cheese if you prefer) on a corn tortilla. The second is mushrooms, cheese and onion, served on a flour tortilla.


What are TAQUITOS? A Mexican dish consisting of a small tortilla that is rolled around a filling of meat and cheese or vegetables and and then deep-fried. Served with salsa and avocados or guacamole. We will be making chicken with cheese and potato with onion, pepper and tomato. Also served with salsa or guac.

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