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Melanie M. Miguel (aka ChefGirl) has been cooking since age nine, when she began experimenting with everything she could get her hands on. Whenever her Mom left the house she would whip through the cupboards looking for Appian Way Pizza, potatoes to make shoestrings and Jello Pudding & Pie Filling.

Melanie grew up in a household of Polish descendants. Both parents were excellent cooks (her father even attended pastry school). She learned by watching them.

After marriage, she lived in Mexico City on and off for several years, learning a new way of cooking from her mother-in-law, Victoria, whose specialty cooking was from the Yucatan area in the south of Mexico.







Melanie has published three cookbooks. The first, Mel’s Mex – Authentic Mexican Cuisine, now out of print. Volume II is available on Kindle on amazon.com. She also has publish a Polish cookbook – Polish Family Favorites, also available on amazon.com.

Melanie has also taught classes on Mexican Cooking at Buehler’s Cooking School. She was also the Food Editor at ThinkSpanish! – a bilingual learning magazine.

Many thanks to Rosanna Miguel, AKA Tech Girl and Producer, and to Camera Man, Lucas Feruito. Also many thanks to Melanie Miguel-Courtad who suggested this and encouraged me to pursue this idea. Thanks also to Carmen Courtad who first labeled me “Chef Girl”.